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David: The final design for Freddy was based on a pepperoni pizza. I was at a restaurant one night, and I was having pizza and I was just kind of deep in thought. I started playing around with the cheese, putting it around the pepperoni, and actually made Freddy’s face on the pizza.

David Miller on what inspired his makeup for Robert Englund in A Nightmare on Elm Street, 1984

the closest i can get to having my name on a bottle of coke is ‘sam’ 

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(by Cinematic Photography)


(by Cinematic Photography)

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OMG!!! im so excited for you! if youre going to be in the crowd tho BE CAREFUL! fob crowds are really rough so be safe!! i fell and got stomped on @ my last show smh. but youre gonna have so much fun! theyre amazing live.

aw, thank you! :3 i’m so excited, oh my god. they’re playing at an ampitheatre here so i won’t be in an actual crowd like you would be in at a small venue. but i will! even ampitheatre crowds can get rough sometimes. i’m so happy though. 

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i cannot believe that i’m seeing fall out boy tomorrow

i am on the verge of tears right now oh my god

this is my third time trying to see them and it’s actually happening

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